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<meta mapping>

Immanuel Bach & Leon-Etienne Kühr (2022)


Mapping means loading data semantically and ideologically. But what happens if the mapping is not only left to a machine, but repeated algorithmically on a higher level; if it is mapped again? What kind of maps are generated in this way?

<meta mapping> is a real-time installation in which 'imaginary' maps are continuously generated from hundreds of gigabytes of freely accessible geographic, road and satellite data. Valleys, rivers, mountain ranges, and paths are created before the viewer's eyes - algorithmically mapped by the machine. meta mapping changes the way we look at the world by revealing the arbitrariness of our daily mappings.

Output of the algorithm


First exhibited <meta mapping> at the Tarmac Festival 2022. On a rear-projection screen, the developed algorithm was used to select random locations around the world every minute and generate images from data available at those locations.